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Project: Storage Area


Move my family to servants quarters/office and vacate main house.


We've been living in the main house for a whole year now and have used the office/servant's quarters for a temporary storage. The main house is the only facility capable of being used as a reception/coffee shop/hotel. It has two rooms and two bathrooms.

If we can transfer the equipment from the servants quarters to the storage facility.
We can then move to the servants quarters after it has been treated and cleaned.

Project Details
500 pieces of hollow blocks = PHP 6 x 500 = PHP 3,0008 pcs 10 foot long corrugated sheets (yero, or roofing) = Price unknown20 pcs 10 mm metal rods = Price unknown20 bags of cement = Price Unknown1 Kilo metal wire (alambre) = Price Unknown2 Kilos 2 Inch nails = Price Unknown2 Kilos 4 Inch nails = Price Unknown2 pcs. 14x26 GI Sheet (Palupo) = Price Unknown1 Elf Truck of Sand to Mix with the Cement = Price Unknown8 pcs 2x4x10 Coco Lumber = Price Unknown1 pc. 2x6x9 …

Ta Da!

FAQ - Nothing is Absolute!

1. Ok, what's this blog all about?

It's the first step to a project that I hope, will stop being a blog and become a full blown online crowd sourced game based on reality if it gains traction.

2. What kind of game?

Ok, here's how it goes. Our family has an unoperational resort. Meaning we're not open to the public. We're not generating income and it's slowly getting ugly. In short I am broke but have land.


a. I will post videos and pictures of the location.
b. I will post what's happening
c. I will post what needs to be done
d. I will post a budget of the things that can be done within MY budget
f. I will post pictures and videos of the thing that you voted on
g. The goal is to either sell it or to open it to the public - tentative goal is within March to May 2011.

3. Sounds like a real farm ville...Really?

Yes. Yes and Yes! But only for a resort.

4. Sounds great - are you going to …

Hostage in the Philippines

Hostage in the Philippines by: Daniel Andrei R. Garcia
I am a hostage in the Philippines, captured by its beauty, warmth and people

Land of the peaceful and God fearing,  Emblazoned on the wings of an eagle

Marvelous in resplendent glory,  Amiable, respectful and hospitable

Truly, God has blessed us,  with a nation this wonderful
Tragedy befell when we have ceased to believe, but now the phoenix has awakened in its brilliant slumber
To thee I ask, which other nation is worth living for?
Where art though, but here at home,  Watching the mayas and the pigeons crow
Alas, my heart has been held hostage,  No longer will I desire for greener pastures other than yours

They scoff, laugh and jeer at thee,  Yet this I say with wanton glee
To you my heart will be,  my Philippines, my Nation.

Copyright 2010. Daniel Andrei R. Garcia Pictures owned by their respective owners.

6 Tips on How Bloggers Can Help Tourism in the Philippines

You might not know it, but the Philippines is the SEO Capital of the World. We have the best and the most highly skilled SEO experts around. As a freelance writer, I can strongly attest to this because we have ProBloggers earning double and even quadruple digits from their adsense earnings on a daily basis. That's only the visible parts.

It is with this premise that I would like to propose that bloggers and SEO practitioners do their part in helping our fellowmen who are in the hospitality and tourism industry by injecting some positivity in the matter.

The truth is good - but most of the time, negative truth gets the limelight. I'm not suggesting that we cover up the truth - most of us have already done an extremely good job at magnifying it. What I am suggesting is that we focus on the rebuilding efforts through these tips:

1. Focus on the positive things that our government is doing in order to remedy, improve and make the situation better.

2. Blog about the positive concre…

Why Tourism Will Still Be Strong in the Philippines

The recent and isolated incident in Manila concerning Hong Kong tourists and the subsequent travel advisories that followed have at least pointed to one incontrovertible fact, that we should not let our fears guide us.

I am in the hospitality and tourism business regardless of the fact that our resort is not operational, mainly because my mindset is focused towards that goal.

If we were open to the public right now, I would still not be taken aback by the news "reported" by all the doomsayers pretending to be "journalists".

Why? Because 500 does not make up the tourism industry.

I believe that Hong Kong will eventually have to rescind its blacklisting of the Philippines:

1. Upon the guarantee that our nation can provide security and safety to our guests.

By retraining the police force (We could ask the Hong Kong police force to retrain our SWAT personnel if they would like)By accepting our own (whole departments included) mistakes in the dilemmaBy drafting implement…

The Word "Should"

Oftentimes, political writers, commentators and pundits use the word "should" in a way that confounds, irritates and quite possibly gets ignored by the people who "could". 

Would you listen if people who would've known little or none at all tell you the things that you should do?

[Blank] should do [Blank] because [Yada, Yada, Yada]
Sadly, this is how political commentary all over the world is often made. It doesn't matter whether it's about ducks drenched in grime and grease, or people wallowing in grime and grease, the word should is over-esteemed. 

Even children don't listen to it

You should pick up your clothes and put them in the laundry basket. 

"But...... Mom!"

Imagine if you are relaying your "Should Manifesto"  to a bunch of pointy nosed, thick skulled and egotistic individuals. The results could very well be similar. 

In an age where everybody seems to be jumping on the "Everybody is my boss" nonsense, the word sho…

Like I Said...What are you Planting?

Update: Sorry about that. I was reacting in response to this

I feel flabbergasted by the amount of support that Craig Newmark is getting. A decade ago, there would have been no argument with regards to "legal culpability and liability in facilitating the advertisement of illicit activities".

As far as I can tell, no broadsheet newspaper of credible reputation would ever advertise sex services on their classifieds. 

I feel disappointed that personalities that I respect and admire, would defend the position held by Craigslist. That it's not their fault that people use their site for nefarious activities such as human trafficking, 1. because there's no proof that it transpires. 2. because other people should be the ones to report it to the police.

They're adopting that "Wha? That happened on our site? Can you prove it to us? Why don't you report it to the police then?"

I've seen the arguments on facebook and didn't bother chiming in. The values of…

What are You Planting Right Now?

Galatians 6:7-10

7Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows8The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. 9Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.10Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Digital Point Owners Indicted

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You Will Like This :)

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Open Graph, Social Graph, can we just Fan it, but no,

says it.

your profile as you go around .

That's where you'll find the Gold in Social Media Marketing.

1. "Getting your bling bling on, for social media marketing"

2. "All that glitters is in social media marketing"

3. "Steve Jobs had his "boom" moment, Let me tell you how I got my "golden oomph"! (through social media marketing!)"

4. "Social Media so shiny! It's got gold drippin all over i…

Wanted: Quality Writers

How many times have you seen a desperate plea for "Quality Writers" on Freelancing Sites? I tend to ignore those ads because posting about your need for quality writers while having terrible grammar yourself is a true sign that the service buyer (or the person willing to pay for articles) is a subcontractor. Yes, there are subcontractors who subcontract their work.

It has a really simple business model.

1. Find someone who needs articles on their website
2. Find someone who writes articles
3. Pretend you wrote the articles.
4. Skim off the top to get profits while abusing a Filipino, Indian or Pakistani writer.

Thousands have been made using this terribly stupid and redundant business model. Oftentimes, these subcontractors have little to no writing skills in the first place. They're just lazy bums willing to make a quick buck out of some poor hapless freelance writer.

To top that, they even demand so much and purport to check your grammar and writing style and ultimatel…

Dealing with Copyright Infringement in the Third World

Alternate title should read: Should the Chinese be running an Italian Restaurant?

Now here's something new, a person from the third world chasing after someone in the first world about copyright infringement.

It happens and yes it happened to me. Again. For the third time.

So, there's this woman named (hidden) and she asked me to do 20,000 articles in 24 hours. I complied with it as best as I could and guess how much I got compensated for it. 
Zero and more than that, she told me to shut up. LOL

A brief overview of the story.

It all started when I wrote 20,000 words in 24 hours for (hidden). I gave them in 23 hours. She said they were poorly written and "unprofessional" because I used the first person a tad too many times. I told her I could redo them at no cost. She said that she'll do it herself and called me a racist because I said in the article that the Chinese shouldn't be running an Italian Restaurant. LOL! And because I bashed Paris Hilton one too many…

Using the Scientific Method in Blog Posts

This post is not a sponsored post, however it links to a sponsored one.

Today, I got an email from a company called Social Spark. It is an offshoot of Izea's PayPerPost. I decided to give it a try to determine the feasibility of their offer. 
In order to validate their claims, the Scientific Method was applied. 
The premise of the post is to prove whether you can make money from your blog through Social Spark.
Though it is boring to create blog posts which are written in a scientific way, they do create more value than those which have speculation and opinion. Posting speculative thoughts bring in reactions and results which are also speculative in nature. 
It is my hope that blogging in this way will prove and create facts rather than more hot air. This will identify which are legitimate online business endeavors and not. 
The attempt to prove the hypothesis is documented as Internet Business Experience/Experiment or 
IBE-08022010 located at
The exact URL is h…