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Buying Cheap Computers in the Philippines

Notorious cheap gadget geeks like yours truly buy only the cheapest gadgets in town or on the Internet.

Granted, that my PC absolutely needs replacing since this was really my dad's (circa 2006), I must say that I sometimes suffer from PC envy. As a result of my inherent cheapness, I can only play browser games and old DOS games that I play on DOSBox.

So I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want:

The Dell Alienware Ultra Mega Super Desktop

Which is a rather unfortunate choice since I only alloted $150 (5000 PHP) for my "NEW PC Budget". The beast above will suit every single bit of my passions and probably increase my productivity by negative 50% despite the performance upgrade. 
Why? Because I'll sure as heck only play those fancy schmancy games like the new Fallout or that Crysis thing. (They really should learn how to spell "crisis" you know).
The Games That I Want:
Crysis and Fallout 3

Games That I Play

Master of Magic

Try it, this is really fun,…

I Won Again! Thank You! Thank You!

Again, thank you to all who helped me win the contest:)
Best Plan for Google Plus

I am running out of words to express my profound appreciation to all of you who helped me. After all, Danny + buntu/ ubuntu means Danny is who he is because of who we all are.

In this way, we are all winners.

I have a great idea on how I can give back to society in a fun way. So for all of my readers who are avid fans, please ready your singing voice! We are going to make a mini singing contest pretty soon

I Won $1,000 + Video on Flipping

Danny on Google+
How I Won $1,000 Dollars on Prizes.orgMy Online Dreams and Starting From NothingVideo: Buying and Selling Websites on Flippa.comI Won $1,000 Dollars on I was waiting for my wife to watch 'Friends' with her while our kids played with their raggedy dolls in the house. The cool air of Batangas province wafted through my nostrils as I patiently thought about the future and what it holds for me, my 4 kids and my pregnant wife. 
Out of the natural tendency to check my email every now and then, I decided to sit down and click on the gmail icon. The familiar blue status bar slowly inched its way to 100 percent and I rearranged some stuff on my table as I normally did if I didn't have anything else to do. 
I haven't checked my email for 1 day, so the inbox had about 50 unread messages - mostly people selling something or asking me to do this or that. 
Then I found it. (I kept the email and starred it)

Without saying anything, I patiently walked toward…

My First Amazon Affiliate Sale

Danny on Google+

A few years ago, someone on Ubuntu forums introduced to me the concept of affiliate marketing, back then I was an Ubuntu newbie who didn't really know anything about affiliate marketing or Ubuntu for that matter.

Fast forward to today and I still don't know that much about Ubuntu, but have at least made my first affiliate sale from Amazon.

The book that I sold was one that had a very powerful message that I haven't even read. In all honesty, I don't even have a clue on which particular post I put the affiliate link in, since I've been using Amazon Associates sometimes as a free picture repository where I use the pictures of products that are for sale rather than just get from images the Internet.

I find it heartening that the first item that I ever sold online is a book of encouragement and about winning. Who dares wins, I like the sound of that. :) To whoever bought the book from me, thank you!

Hollywood Sign Taal Batangas

An Open Letter to Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto, 

Dear Gov. Ate V,

First of all, I'm a big fan. As a Lipeno who lives 30 minutes away from this volcano, I think you've done the city of Lipa a lot of good. I used to think that showbiz people really don't belong in politics, but you've changed my mind. Honestly.

Please don't make me change my mind again

I saw this picture on the Inquirer and I can't help but scratch my head and think that it was a bad joke.

Apparently it wasn't (Inquirer, 2011):

"He said the proposed sign would be painted white and positioned following the contours of the island volcano. The letters would be 14 meters tall and stretch for about 110 meters.The font would be similar to that of the iconic Hollywood signage, the official added.“It is not an out-of-this-world concept. It’s a simple development which can easily attract attention and even visitors to the area,” Leviste said."
Come again?!
If there would be any visitors to this volc…

For You

Photo Credit: Createsima

My War Against Smoking

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Every day I wake up is an endless war waged against smoking. I lose these perpetual battles against myself most of the time. This time around, it has reached a most critical phase in my life. I have to win these small battles or else lose everything.

For those who have following this blog, you know that I've been trying to quit for a very long time. It has been 10 months now since I started this battle and it's not over yet. This campaign against smoking is real. The stakes are higher and the prospects dimmer.

Now, it's about willfully stopping myself from smoking or my body itself stopping me.

I am in that stage when my organs are starting a revolution against my body and my mind.

It's only a matter of weeks or months before that revolution is won.

The Mind is a Curious Thing

Sometimes I feel as if I have two minds. One that knows that I should stop and is noisy about it and the other who keeps silent. The silent mind injects its poison subtly without …