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Win $1000 for Whitney Houston

One of my favorite websites, is holding a remarkable Whitney Houston tribute where you could win $1000 USD by simply crafting a tweet. With the money, you then have the option to donate to the charities which are closest to the heart of the diva:

The Whitney Houston Foundation For ChildrenThe United Negro College FundThe Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationSt. Jude's Children's Research HospitalAmerican Red Cross
You have to join the contest here to be eligible:
Here's a sample tweet that I made:

If you believe that the children are the future, let us help 's legacy thru 
IMPORTANT: Your entry and tweet must be made on the website to be eligible.

South China Sea Islands??!

This story is about a little globe my wife bought at National Bookstore here in Robinson's Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines. And maybe a little overreaction from my part? You be the judge.

Now, I'm not really a geography buff but sometimes I do take a look at the map of the Philippines for sheer amusement. (Yeah, my life is that boring...)

Ok, now I need to scan it for you folks. It's round so I had to put bond paper at the sides...

This is the best quality I can come up with

Am I overreacting? I can understand that we've been calling the area the South China Sea since I was grade one or maybe even longer. Now, maybe for political reasons, we call it the West Philippine Sea.

My point is, the globe that I had is very small and obviously made in China. It was published (It's only now that I realized that people published globes rather than manufacture them.) by a company called SinoMaps Press.

The over emphasis of South China Sea Islands seems to me like a subtle for…

Buy a Toyota to Win a Toyota

Everyday, I check 3 news websites as a way to stifle my boredom. One of them had this advertisement from Toyota which prominently says,

"As a way of saying thank you, we're giving away 10 of Toyota's best selling vehicles"

Don't get excited...
I thought that I was finally going to get a chance to have 4 wheels. 
Toyota should have said in its ad, 
Buy a Toyota to Win a Toyota. 
Because that's what they're really offering. 
Otherwise, poor schmucks like me would click on the link in the hopes of getting a shot at a car only to find that I would have to buy a darn car to get me another car. 
I guess, that's wishing for too much. Oh well, Toyota, I guess I would have to troll the Internet for a while to see if someone is really giving away a Toyota in exchange for a survey form or a tweet or something.