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Hurricane Sandy: Following the Storm Chasers

I just like following the storm chasers...

"LIVE coverage begins again on Monday October 29 at 9 AM Exclusively on CHASERCAM™ Live Jeff Piotrowski and Jeremy Holmes bring you up to the minute breaking news from the New Jersey and New York Coast as devastating Hurricane Sandy makes landfall. For Media License and “on location” interviews contact Jeff at 918-906-8985 or"

Stream 1:

Streaming by Ustream

Building Collapse in 14th Street New York

Some Humor...

Daniel Frost vol. II Gotham City Gets Ghoulish

Klarion the Witch Boy is stealing the powers of Heroes and Villains throughout the DC Universe and using them to cause quite a bit of Halloween mischief on the streets of Gotham City. Apparitions of all kinds are rising from the earth and tormenting trick-or-treaters. Heroes, it will be up to you to save the civilians, and Villains, well, you should be able to find some way to take…advantage…of the situation.

From : DCUniverseOnline

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Will the Next Michael Jackson Be from the Philippines?

I got an interesting email today about an interesting person, his name is Kim. Some are saying that he reminds people of a young Michael Jackson.

According to his bio,
"Kim is born in October 2000 in Cebu City, Philippines and has lived their till he was eight years old. Kim started singing already when he was only 3 years old and has since that time won several local singing contests.That time Kim never experienced to have singing lesson and learned everything from his mother Mabel.In 2008 Kim left, together with his sister and mother, the Philippines to live with his father in Holland." Here's his rendition of one of my favorite songs, My Girl

More songs from Kim

Google Paid Me, Adsense, WOT, Blogging

The title sounds weird, but this is going to be one of those cloudy day but still happy posts.

The upside is yes, I'm glad because I got my $202.97 USD from Google yesterday!

Yay Me!!!

I went to the Western Union branch at the second floor of Robinsons Mall in Lipa City, filled out a form, gave my MTCN number along with identification to the pretty lady behind the counter. I left out a few details on the form since I didn't know what to write on the field where it says, "The Sender is My _________"

"Money bag"

"Employer" - Hmmm, maybe... Something like that. Yes.

The amount is bigger because apparently, the amount that I didn't get from the first check which was lost, was carried over to this pay date. Hence 100* + 102.97* = $202.97.

So that's what happens when you lose your Adsense check. Good thing I shifted to Western Union as a payment mode.

I'm very close to my personal goal of earning $1.00…

DENR Bans Backyard Burning of Garbage

From Inquirer Article: DENR Bans Backyard Burning of Garbage

One of my qualms about living here in the provinces is the big problem of garbage collection. I don't know about the rest of the barangays here in the City of Lipa, but for us here in Barangay Tangway, garbage collection is virtually zero.

It's your problem to dispose of it.

My family of 7 consumes a hefty amount of plastic from goods that we buy in the groceries and the market. Although there's been a ban on plastic bags for all commercial establishments - certain exceptions seem to be making the rounds of the city.

For example, convenience stores specially in the market can still package the goods you bought provided that the plastic used are the "handle-less" type of clear plastics. It's a stupid exception, but I think much of that has to do with matigas na ulo of traders and market vendors.

Plastic is plastic, period.

For our part, we bought the reusable eco-bags and bring them to Robinson's Lipa …

The Emergence of Daniel Frost in Gotham City

Since I am beginning to spend quite a few hours of my life playing #DCUniverseonline - an awesome Free to Play MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, I might as well be productive and make something out of it. I'm trying to turn the game and my character into a mini comic book.