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Winners Announced: YouZingit Marketing Ideas Contest

Image is a brand new world of possibilities. It is a marketplace for ideas, where innovation, imagination and creativity coalesce to help solve technical, real world, business and day to day concerns. They recently held a contest for a marketing idea that could help them leverage the Internet to help introduce their website to the world.

Looks like I'm going to have to print another shirt that I could wear. :D

You can find all the winning entries via the Facebook page.

Propagate Bamboo Clumps via Division

Paano magtanim ng kawayan?
How to Plant Bamboo

Download This Free MMOFPS: PlanetSide2

Right now, nothing can take me away from my AA3 where I'm about to reach the rank of Command Sergeant Major (E-9). But... there's always a "but" :)


"Massive Scale" FPS...
"Genre Defining"

...does sound pretty alluring... I'm going to give it a go. :)

You can download it via Steam or on their website: PlanetSide2

Danny's Weed Control Methods: Rock Salt, Vinegar

The new pepper farm in front of ours started their project quite impressively, at least to my untrained eyes. After 3 years of living here in a farm/garden/resort I still consider myself as an agriculture/garden newbie. They started by tilling the land and removing all grass with the help of their gasoline powered grass cutter. Sometimes they also pulled the grass by hand or used their "kawit" or short scythe.

The land was perfectly brown and ready to be planted on.

Come planting time, the weeds started to grow faster than their pepper. By my count, it outgrew their pepper plants at least once every two weeks. That means that they had to spend for gasoline or labor every 2 weeks just to prevent the weeds from outgrowing their crops.

It was a dismal sight that I'm very familiar with.

Having planted ginger last February, and ginger being a root crop, I know fully well how annoying weeds can be when it comes to trying to grow crops or plants.

This is why I wanted to put up my ow…

Mung Bean Production Research

This page will contain the best how to videos as I learn how to plant mung beans or mongo.

Mung Bean, or "mongo" as it is called here in the Philippines.

Detailed instructions on how to plant mongo

From MyInspiredCreation YouTube Channel

Part I.

Part II.