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Reddit + Kickstarter = CrowdTilt

r/TIL that r/IAMA Broke Guy that needsr/Assistance because I don't want to take out a r/loanto fund my r/farming project to plant 1000 papaya r/trees.

Luckily I saw CrowdTilt, as they've described it:

"Redditor fundraising heaven, where Crowdtilt and reddit staff have teamed up to build one group funding platform for everything from a $100 meetup to a $100k fundraiser–and anything in between!"

Since they've launched last month, they've been able to start:

38 campaigns
2,843 users
$58,451 processed
$63,084 pledged

Yep, I got that from their founder's IAMA reddit post.

So far their biggest campaign involved my little pony

Seriously, it's for the Doctor's Without Borders, a verified (501)(c)(3) charitable organization.

For now, it's strictly limited to the US, which is really not awesome. But hey, here's to hoping that it would work out well for the future.

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Online Contest: $2000 Up For Grabs - Find Solution on How to Stop Texting While Driving

YouZingit is coming in to fill in the void left by by launching its online contest beta site with several thought provoking contests.

One of these involves finding a solution regarding texting while driving. $2000 divided into 5 winners. You can check out my entry over here: How to Stop Texting While Driving

7 Heartfelt Lessons I Learned in 7 Years of Blogging for Money

1. Very few people would pay you to blog about what you really want to blog about. 

Way back when blogging was considered a new phenomenon, a lot of people had the inaccurate perception that regularly writing little tidbits about their personal lives would somehow make them instant millionaires. I've learned that it's not true and it took me 7 years of blogging to figure it out. And no, I'm not yet a millionaire.

2. The web is mostly impersonal

My top posts are still those that have no relation whatsoever to my personal thoughts, feelings or opinions. They're the boring stuff that people need or want to know about - like how to use the terminal to chat or play an MP3. I've written some of these 4 years ago and they're still the most read posts.

3. Passion is overrated. 

Almost all of my top posts took me more than one day to write. Details, research and data that can be corroborated and verified are the true kings of content.

4. Honesty is just the second best pol…

Danny's Papaya Project Update 01-07-2013

Help Me Plant 1000 Papaya Trees Project


245 pcs Sinta Papaya F1 Seeds = PHP1,965
2 Seedling Trays = PHP90

Compost Sifter
2 = 2 x 2 x 10 Coconut lumber
2m chicken wire large
2m chicken wire small
Hinges for Drum Door
= PHP 642
Transportation = 250 + 15

Grass Cutting
Gasoline for Grass Cutter = 900 + 115

Papaya Pests


Power Up: 2013

Where are you going to get your energy?

Some say Red Bull, some say in God and some say from the mistakes of the shadows of the past.

You have to get up, toughen your body, mind and soul like a person pumped up with adrenaline.

Fight or flee.

I choose fight.


I have a feeling that this year will be the year of #awesome for you.

It has to be the year of awesome, otherwise what else would it be?

I have made no promises to myself, nor resolutions that can be easily broken. What I do intend to finish something that I have started that requires great focus, sacrifices and determination.

I will plant 1,000 papaya trees this year.

Laugh if you will, and I will laugh with you.

To accomplish the task, I have to rearrange a whole lot of physical as well as financial factors. I have to replenish my physical strength as this arduous task cannot be done except through sheer physical effort manifested by the will.

It's something that I started in 2012 and something that will get harvested in …

Poinsettias January 2, 2013