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[UPDATE] Google Manila (Philippines) is Hiring

Google Manila, yes, Manila, yes, in the Philippines, is hiring. Click on the Map, and it will take you to the Google Map of Google Manila, hehehe. There's no news about it in any of the social media sites or news websites, so I'm guessing hey, maybe they published it in the newspapers. Cool, uber cool. Fantastic time too, as about a bajillion new graduates with the appropriate qualifications are graduating this March 2013.

Lucky bastards.

Anyway, they're looking into hiring Sales and Account Management Positions. Meaning practically, every graduate with the right skill and connections has a fighting chance of getting in.

Hey, 10 seconds ago, there was two positions, but, when I checked again, there was only one left.

Google Manila is looking for a Vendor Operations Quality Manager (Philippines)

The job description reads and I will copy and paste:

Behind every advertising campaign at Google are systems to make it run. Behind every system is the Ad Serving Operations team t…

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The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams

After 3 years with our former tenant, our commercial space for rent in Paranaque is open again to new tenants. Please view more details in our advertisement, I will be going to Paranaque soon to post the tarpaulin sign.

Great Commercial Space for Rent Aguirre Ave BF Homes Paranaque - Tuesday, March 5, 2013
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