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In my life, I have searched far and wide...

this sounds unoriginal but yes I did do that... find meaning

And what I've found made me want to find more

Through the deepness of thought and the baseness of our desires I've found that meaning
is lost for most things in this life.

What matters to me is the divine truth, one that is not easily apprehended or manufactured.
No more callousness and pretensions to being things that most people are not.

We run around in circles, some angrily, some cheerfully whilst saying tiw de dew de dew

Some play games and some aspire to be holy

And it was a struggle, one that is not over, to find what I mean to find in meaning.

Life, as it is, is life.

What we think to be important are usually and most often the unimportant things.

Now that we are here, it is easy to get lost in it.

The myriad lights, profound delights and impressive sights they all bask us in the ever growing lostness in time.

Through it all, I've found nothing new, it is…

When you say "I love you"

when you say I love you
do it like not even death can stop you

look into her eyes and say,
that "I'll say it again even if it takes my heart away"

i don't care if you say that you don't love me too
all that matters is for me to know that you know it too

I am your servant, beholden to your every whim
captivated by the pureness of your beauty

a slave to watching your smile
entranced by the light that shines even though for a while

it would break my heart to live everyday
without knowing that my being is out of your way

but that doesn't matter for me
what makes sense is for you to see

that i love you, more than myself, more than anything in this world
and if by chance you feel the same way too

i'd hazard the chance to make it be true
that destiny opens her hands for me and you

-Danny Garcia



That which was deemed normal is now the incontrovertible fallacy.
Where we have devolved, where we have stagnated, where we have developed and where we are going seems intertwined with rancorous passions ablaze.

Thoughts and never thinking are intertwined with unkempt desires.
Desire and freedom, are two different animals.

I've long struggled with this insincerity of thinking, of conflicts and paradoxes that mesh like a Gordian knot.

It is scary, yet it is real, our deepest fears are upon us and we have no recourse but to linger in our minds, in our distractions and in our fortuitous weaknesses to bear what is.

The stalwarts of higher thinking and being have fallen.

Everything that we now possess are the mere replicas of our material existence. No longer is the mind, the spirit, the soul and the heart, the most prized aspect of our stay in this world.

We have been subjugated, coerced into, this. This blathering mess of existence.

Then one ponders, what all the bloodshed …