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Bounded by Mel Rubi

Nice going!!!

64 backers$4,676 pledged What is Boundead?Boundead (born of the undead) is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction action, adventure fantasy thriller about finding hope amidst the supernatural entities. Over a thousand years, after judgement day killed most of humanity, the dead great and small comes back to life as monsters. Evil is the new order and all must bow to a living idol. But one named Ayr, who struggles combatively the pain, hate and aggression within in search of peace from a dark world of no hope, will be the guiding light for the weak. 

Today I'm Just Grateful

I'm just grateful for all the people who helped me along the way. I've been through some rough patches and yes at times, with barely enough food to eat and give my family - I'm grateful to have known a lot of people who were kind enough to help me. I've once had the experience of a good man who did the groceries for my family and that almost made me cry - if I wasn't such a tough nut to crack.

I've learned a powerful lesson today: never spite people who helped you in the past.

Sometimes, it's really difficult to repay kindness with kindness. We are placed in situations of grave turmoil and seeming insanity that we forget what's up and what's down. We become angry at the unfairness of life. We become angry at people who did us great harm and yes, people could do that. They could ruin our lives just as they could make it better. And yes this anger could be directed at others who only mean us well.

Make no mistake about it, just as there are people who…

Why the Syria and Egypt Situation is Important for Me and for Filipinos

A lot of you may be wondering why I keep writing about the situations related to Syria and Egypt. Why does it matter what a Filipino in the Philippines thinks about what is going on half a world away? To answer that, I would have to present statistical facts.

"Remittances continue to be the country’s main economic growth driver, equivalent to 10 percent of GDP." (Malaya Business Insight, May 16, 2013)
The Middle East as a region is where millions of overseas Filipinos are working. They are also known as OFWs.(Source: Country Migration Report Philippines 2013, International Organization for Migration)Saudia Arabia - 1,550,572 FilipinosUAE - 679,819 FilipinosQatar - 342,442 FilipinosKuwait - 186,750 FilipinosOverseas Filipino Remittances (Source: Country Migration Report Philippines 2013, International Organization for Migration, p. 115)Saudi Arabia - $1,613,237,000 (USD)UAE - $877, 981,000 (USD)Related Material

OFW inflows surge to 6 month high (, August 16, 2013)Acc…

New York Times Hacked - Why?

With a decision soon to be made within a matter of days regarding possible Western intervention in Syria, some US websites have fallen prey to hackers. Foremost among these is the New York Times. As to who these hackers really are, that remains to be seen. The Australian IT company handling the domain of the New York Times indicated that the breach came from a domain reseller that was based in the US. The reseller has yet to be named.

To quote:

"Melbourne IT said credentials of one of its resellers (the username and password) were used to access a reseller account on Melbourne IT's systems." "Melbourne IT chief executive Theo Hnarakis, who announced on Tuesday he would step down by the end of the year, told Fairfax Media he wasn't prepared to name the reseller but said it was based in the US."  (Sydney Morning Herald, August 28, 2013)
Initially and speaking speculatively it would seem that the propaganda machines are running in full force from all fronts. T…

The World Contemplates War in the Middle East - Again

August 27, 2013 10:57 pm Philippine Time XX number of (days, weeks, months) before the Meltdown
(This blog post is an update to an ongoing work I've been playing around with for a while:
Watching the World Meltdown)

An online activist friend went on about how "corporate controlled mass media" is not relaying "everything" to the general public and how the Illuminati is controlling our minds. He went on to describe the Military Industrial complex and how Western nations are planning on attacking Syria as a pretext to draw Iran in a broader war. He mentions that it is all about oil and controlling the region. 
Mentioning the Illuminati, by my books seriously puts a dent in the said friend's credibility. That's not to say that I don't believe him but rather question the sources of his information. For what it's worth, these brave men and women of the "corporate controlled mass media" are still the most reliable of sources. 
Most "indep…

Syria: What the Big Heads are Saying

US Secretary of State John Kerry
"The administration is actively consulting with members of Congress, and we will continue to have these conversations in the days ahead. President Obama has also been in close touch with the leaders of our key allies, and the president will be making an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons."  (Washington Post, August 23, 2013)
Omran Ahed Al-Zoubi, Minister of Information Government of Syria on Lebanese TV

"If the US leads a military intervention, this will have dangerous consequences. It will bring chaos and the region will burn." (BBC, August 25, 2013
Joshua Landis, Director: Center for Middle East Studies

"The US must respond to the use of chemical weapons in a forceful manner, but should not launch a broader intervention in Syria.Preserving the widely respected international norm banning the use of chemical weapons is a clear interest of the US and international community.The US,…

Ben Affleck as Batman: What's with All the Insanity?

It was a question that needed to be asked: why is everyone flipping out over Ben Affleck being Batman?

It is one that pries into the deepest and darkest recesses of our collective soul. Internally, it is a question that implores us to take a deeper look within ourselves and to handle and confront all the muck and poison that churn within. Externally, it makes one think about the powers that be and how they divert public discourse during these crucial times.

The answers are unsurprising, provocative and at the same time somber.

First, head over to and you'd see the same barrage of Batfleck related posts. In times when far graver issues are perambulating around the webosphere such as the Syrian debacle, the imminent and perceived collapse of the Egyptian government, the re-introduction of a newer version of SOPAand the Fukushima nuclear problemone would think that people should be weighing in more.

People should be focusing their creative abilities to come up with innovative…

Ben Affleck as "Batman" Spurs Meme Overload

Movie in question: the sequel to (SupermanMan of Steel. The Character: Batman.  The man who will play the part: Ben Affleck. No it's not going to be a comedy but they might as well make it so. Why? Because the Internet says so. Well, it's either that or Christian Bale has a horde of redditors churning up memes like angry elves in Santa Claus' factory.

The Power of Vicks Vaporub

It is like slightly solidified "uhug" or "sipon" (mucus) yet as refreshing as the minty breeze of dawn. 

My 3 year old son, Alex came running up to me with a hurried expression.
"Biks papa." he said while handing me the small canister.
"Okay, thank you." I said, not really knowing what his intentions were.
"Put it ander my bak." he exclaims, and I got a few and rubbed it as quickly as I could.
"Is that good?" I asked.
"Yesh, tenk yu!" he said scurrying off to his ate's.  Vicks Vaporub is one of the things that give almost any Filipino fond memories of their childhood. It is applied for almost any condition regardless if it works or not.

Somebody has a cold or cough? Rub it on their nose, chest and back.
Somebody has a headache? Rub it on their temple.
Somebody wants to pretend to cry? Rub it just beneath the eyes. Perfect for movie stars.  It can cure almost anything.

The Bay of Abandoned Blogs

It was an eerie sight that is all too telling. There were dark clouds in the horizon, ravaged ships hovering and misty wisps of fog obscuring my view.

"Take her slow, I want to take a closer look", I almost whispered to nobody in particular as I held a small and rusty lamp.

The ship reluctantly moved forward at a cautious pace. The sight of so many fallen ships was overwhelming and telling. I held firm as I took stock of each one of them. Some of which I followed through my travels in this ocean of bits and bytes.

It was akin to reading one painful story at a time. What's worse is that I was reading words that were unwritten, pictures that were not posted and souls that have simply moved on or maybe, disappeared.

I knew the captain of this one: big dreams, audacious personality and with eyes that sparkle with candor. The mast hung low and there was a gaping hole at its port side. Last post: 2 years ago.

Welcome to the Bay of Abandoned Blogs

The port itself has seen bette…

Cataclysms and the Heroes/Villains They Create

Cataclysms are in many ways eye opening, but before I begin writing this, please do extend some time to research the right way to help my fellow countrymen who are now wallowing in waist and knee deep floods.

As a Christian (both Catholic and Protestant), we were taught that a horrible and devastating end would come some day and that a savior would come and emancipate us. But only if we have faith.

This notion taps into the deepest fibers of our instincts regarding self-preservation. Self preservation is natural and it goes beyond moral notions of good, evil, right and wrong.

My observations regarding most religions is that they share this common denominator: the desire to control the natural tendencies of humans. The foremost of these has to do with sex. Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Protestant or Catholic, religious dogma regarding sex is the one that's the most strictly enforced. The debates are rancorous and fought fiercely and at this moment in history, I believe that we …

A Better Way to Earn Money From YouTube -

Nope, not all of us can be like Charlie and his brother. Love their video by the way :)

But some of us on YouTube do create content that's worthy of patronage or at the very least a dollar tip or two for the hours, days and even weeks of effort. That's exactly what Patreon is for. A virtual tip jar for the intrepid creators not just on YouTube but for creators of every kind.

If you've ever watched a video of somebody that really moved you and changed your life for the better, Patreon is a better way to give that person the appreciation that they deserve apart from your ad click.

How does $1000 dollars a video sound like?

That's totally up to your fans and supporters. Take for instance Smooth McGroove.

People can choose how much they can give you for every video that you make. The lowest is $1 but it can definitely go higher. Patrons who give higher are then given extras and bonuses like access to downloads, exclusive videos and the like. Sounds like a very good plan to …

The Phenomenon of "Silly"

Silliness abounds like a horde of fire ants nesting atop a mahogany tree. They are often expressed through words. Some have the effect of injecting rabid humor, contextual at its best and spontaneous. And some fall flat and become plain silly and unfortunately, unfunny.

Oftentimes and as I have observed them, when the rich and the powerful tell jokes in a party those who hang by the threads of these people's success are inclined to ensure that they bring along their customary "Haha, that's really funny!" laugh.

But that's not always the case.

On the Internet, plain and simple "silliness" with no element of humor is simply ignored. They are relegated to that constipated country of unwanted memes floating around consuming valuable bandwidth.

Yet the Internet thrives on silliness

Misconstrued, misunderstood and unfortunately perpetuated by everyone, silliness is a prime commodity on the Internet. As a freelance writer, I am inclined to perpetuate this pheno…

Google Adsense Pay Day


Homeschooling Our Children

Today my wife got a call from the Philippines' Department of Education. My kids passed their PEPT examinations. The test was crucial for their admission to a paid homeschool program that we've been planning for a long time. As I write this, my wife and eldest daughter are getting dressed to go to the Lipa City office of DepEd to get the results.

That's the third goal we were able to achieve in this year.

The first one was to find a new lessee for the commercial space in Paranaque city.
The second is to pay off a long standing debt.
The third one is to enroll them in this paid homeschool program.

We are going to enroll them this August in the Living Heritage Academy or the School of Tomorrow based in Paranaque.

A guide to homeschooling in the Philippines - Source Philippine Daily Inquirer