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Quick! Free Tropico 3 from Humble Bundle

Think SimCity or Majesty Gold Deluxe with a penchant for third world er... "developing nation" syndrome. I've played the earlier versions and it is an amusing twist to the simulator genre. Right now, I'm using Elementary OS and I haven't gotten around to installing Steam yet, but I'll get there.

Tropico 3 places you in the footsteps of the likes of Ferdinand Marcos, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. You are essentially a banana republic manager.

This economic and political simulator will give you a hefty dosage of humor and amusement. Lost an election to the capitalist pigs? Don't worry, you can just rig the vote or something.

There's only a few hours left before the Humble Bundle offer expires so go get it while you still can.

The Humble Bundle Tropico 3 FREE

A Look Into Scootpad's Educational Software

How do you feel when you hear the words, “adaptive learning environment”? How does the idea of getting back to the basics with a fresh approach and focus sound like? With Scoot Pad’s online adaptive educational experience, kids are immersed in a learning environment that complements your child’s core subjects. Simply put, it’s a learning experience that’s both fun and tailored to suit the sophisticated taste of today’s toddlers and kids. You can search for it in the Google Chrome store or
I should know because we use the free version with my kids and the results are quite remarkable. You first start off with the parent/guardian or teacher account which oversees the activities of the children. Signing up online is both easy and free for the basic account. You can also do so via your Facebook or Google account. After signing up you are taken to the main dashboard. The whole experience was designed to look fun and intuitive, so it feels like you’re just signing up on Fa…

Will Swap A Large LCD Projector Screen with Goats, Sheep or Laptop

Tired of using a white cloth or a white wall for your power presentation or Church service?

This is the day, yes this is the day - when you get something more professional at a very low price - or swap something to get this nice and huge LCD Projector screen.

We are clearing our inventory of mostly unused items and one of these is our projector screen.

For sale, it's P4,900 - way, way below the normal price.

It's 5 ft by 6 ft.

Or... You can swap with me.

Swap Condition 1:
- 2 female goats and 2 male goats

Swap Condition 2:
- Brand new grass cutter of the same value (I prefer kawasaki)

Swap Condition 3:
- Netbook/Laptop

Swap Condition 4:
- Female Dog

Open to swap negotiation. Call me, let's talk.

My phone number is 63917 - 3 - 888- 227.