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Reddit Enters Crowdfunding Game

Reddit today announced a new offspring of its social networking site, a brainchild of sorts, The premise?

"an entirely new project that we hope will enhance your experience on reddit, create stronger subreddit communities, allow redditors to collaborate and support each other, and empower redditors to make a difference." In what may be a major upset to services such as or gofundme, reddit is turning the monetization model upside down by building the community first then figuring out how it can monetize the platform. At the ungodly time I'm writing this, several campaigns have been posted and most are memorabilia related such as reddit stickers, t-shirts and pins.

The site is still in Open Beta so we can expect a few quirks and weirdness around it as people play around. But knowing reddit and its capacity to come up with notable feel-good gimmicks such as Secret Santas, Random Acts of Kindness or Random Acts of Pizza, this force has a lot o… Founder Sebastian Sobczak Gets Interviewed on

It ain't real, until it's real. 

But then, in your search trying to find out whether it's true, you may discover that you could be the last one to know - and miss out. By the way, did I mention that it was free to join?

 "What if there was a Facebook that paid you? Now, Facebook may not be generous, but there's a site that is..." - Fox Business Host

Watch the latest video at Co-Founder Sebastian Sobczak gets interviewed on Fox Business

Skepticism is good.

After all the other failed (and embarrassing) social networking experiments, it's just a matter of time, when one will come along and chip a small piece out of FB's dominance and "disrupt" the status quo. That's what start-ups are supposed to do. That's what may bring.

There's a mad frenzy among the social media superstars out there to vie for the most number of followers, so much so that notable people are:
Advertising on Google with the keyword &…

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Social Media that Pays You: The Tsu Project

Facebook's market capitalization is now worth $209.75 billion dollars. Yes, that's $209,750,000,000 dollars. (Source: Google Finance)

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of FB, has a net worth of $33.6 billion US dollars.

That's enough to fund real life projects, provide support to Ebola stricken nations (Zuck donated $25 million), start livelihood programs for the indigent, feed the poor and fund projects that could truly make a difference in this world.

Now, the question is, what have you gotten out of using Facebook or Twitter?

Read FAQ's Join Dannybuntu in

The Penguin 3.0 Aftermath: Were You Hit?

Hysteria. That's what happens every time Google makes an announcement regarding its algorithmic changes. True enough, for many online marketing fortunes built on the back of the search engine - this is often a prelude to bad news. After all those dollars spent on optimization tools, SEO, writers and even sponsorship, years of effort could and may have gone down the drain. Or worse, it could mean lost revenue for the coming months.

But for ordinary users who just want to happily look for something to buy on the Internet, well, life goes on.

Google Culture and Dependence
I've had an interesting conversation with Luana, a friend I met on +MyBlogU, about the existence of a Google-centric culture that we're having when it comes to online marketing. The first instinctive idea that popped in my head was, "There's a Google centric culture?"

That's when it hit me. It's true.

Think about it in a broader way, and not just in Internet marketing. Are you using some…

Sunday Devotions: Genesis, Healing and Ten Commandments

We were not able to go to Church today so what I did was to gather and ask my kids to read the Bible, and we read about Genesis Chapter 12. That part about Abraham, leaving his homeland and dropping by Egypt. (Christian Bible: Genesis 12)

And then we watched Dr. Albert's video - Part 2 of a series of 4. It's about healing and as usual, Pastor A never fails to emphasize the finer points of healing in the lives of Christians. I've also learned and validated that our emotions and spiritual being is closely intertwined with our physical bodies. There's a recent scientific article supporting this claim - I lost the link but it supports the greater inclusion of psychiatrists and psychologists in healthcare facilities. Google it.

I can attest to this because of a fairly recent semi-traumatic event which happened to me - just a few weeks after that - I got sick for one whole week. It's one of the rare moments when I was stuck in bed, everything tasted bad, slept the whole…

Finding the Best in People: Meet Kim

The Quest for Awesome Sauce It's a straight-forward question, "how do you make a superstar?" That will be the theme for the whole week as we look for experts who can point us to the right people, connections or social media tools to achieve our goals.Brainstorming for a solution So for my next #mbustorm challenge, we'll be exerting our best efforts to achieve this. As a music industry outsider this is beyond me, I'm not a music talent promoter so we'll look around for the veterans and the pros. Our course of action is this:Brainstorm through and interview them.How do we go about in YouTube promotion?How do we make a video viral?Follow through their advice - that's doableExecute and promoteSee the results Opinions@dannybuntu@seosmarty@KimRegasa send a good quality recording to every radio station and online station & try to contact station mngr.
— Blaine Mills (@BlaineTheCanuck) October 17, 2014

Get a publicist involvedIs it good to go for &…

Leveraging Fiverr for Your Online Marketing

Tickle Marketing

Scintillating, titillating, rabidly funny and amusing, we live in the day and age of ooh's, aah's and haha's. It's an era of having our funny bones tickled and the Internet people want more!

When there are just so many voices out there, the best tickler wins! Just ask Ben Huh of - a multimillion dollar blog network that has millions upon millions of page views in any given day. Their business model? "Make people laugh."

But don't take our word for it, take's Executive Chairman and resident funny mogul Bob Parson's advice,

Keep people happy, give them a good time and give them what they want"
Bob Parsons | Executive Chairman

Get Some Talent Juice from Fiverr

The Internet is a big soupy goo of everything and the thing is, not all of us have the talent to make people laugh. Not all of us have the confidence to even go on video. Just like in real life, we need other people who have thi…

Blogging Dreams

Show me a blogger who is lost, and I'll show you the infinite.

Every blogger aspires and dreams. They say that it's like an itch that just needs to be scratched until the ideas mellow and that lump on your skin becomes tender. Perhaps, this is also satiated when you're already living in your dreams in some distant oasis where the waves scatter amid a foamy wash of happiness.

Blogging's greatness comes from the little things that we share and love. It comes from passion, ideals, faith and the notion that yes, we are not alone.

To many people, blogging is a continuing search for the things that we are looking for in our real lives. It's about soul-searching and looking for people who are doing the same. But don't let me get ahead of myself. Let's see what others have to say.

Hope and Purpose
Hope is a funny thing. It just pops out like the snap of a finger waking us up from our technically induced slumber. Snap, you open your eyes and then see the shadows sti…

Bucky's Room, Codeacademy, Udemy

So today, I've rekindled my love for learning. Specifically, javascript and html. It's just something that I wanted to learn and re-learn. It's like eating ice-cream the second time around. Can you remember when you first ate ice-cream? Probably not. But it should have made an impression on you, that after you tried it, you'd want to try it again. You want to re-experience the sensation.

I'm switching between, udemy and It's like trying to alternate between three books on the same topic. In this way, one complements the other as the third one verifies the knowledge.

I like Bucky's style, it's pretty straightforward. Hopefully, it will lead up to me later on learning how to make those inspirational animated html5 sites like the ones you can find in hongkiat. This is the first episode of his beginner javascript tutorial.

Update: Included Introduction to Javascript by Douglas Crockford
Video 1 - Bucky's Javascript Tut…

The Value of New TLDs, Gimmicks, Parasites, Branding and More!

Once upon a time, in the fun and mystical world of Internetovia, your domain name was everything. All around the world, people bowed down to the almighty .coms. Huge auction battles littered the landscape. Mighty Internet titans waged bidding wars for what everybody thought to be as the Internet Holy Grails.

Thus traders, pirates and merchants all flocked like birds to get to the top level domain of choice in the race for Internet supremacy. Feasts were held when the big merchant barons from the West finally conquered these for mind boggling prices. They were, for all intents and purposes, the digital gold that paupers and dreamers can only salivate over. Some, simply squatted over them.

But today, a new tide has come. It's the day and age of the new TLDs. As sturdy as .rocks, as expensive as an .attorney, as organized as .corsica and as daunting as .loans, there were in all, more than 400 of them, according to the wizards from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numb…