Thursday, April 28, 2016

Today, i cried

And I'm not ashamed.

Everybody knows that Miriam Defensor Santiago has cancer and is most likely dying. Everybody knows that she should quit. That's forgivable, that's acceptable. Everybody heard how she talked in the debates. How she slurred her speech, how she gave those uncomfortable pauses when asked.
Yes, I cried and I'm still crying right now. Hindi ko mapigilan. Pero hindi dahil naaawa ako sa kanya.
Yesterday, news came out that somebody offered her P300 million pesos to quit.

That's a God send

99.9999999% of the people I know, including me, would accept that. She could use it for her cancer treatment. She could use it to cross out her bucket list. Visit the places she's never been to before she goes back to her God. Nasa dulo na siya ng surveys. She has extremely little chances of winning.

And that's why I'm crying.

She still thinks she should not quit.
She still affirms that she would never quit.

Despite the effects of the "secret pill" and her seeming lack of coherence. She knows her true North, South, East and West. Perhaps it is stubborness.

She will not win, at this stage yes, I know.

I don't think she should win.

Yes, I know.

If she's in this race for anything, she's in it to teach us a lesson about life. And how we live it.

We all have our issues.

And there will be times na somebody would offer you a way out - let's call it the P300 Million Peso Solution. Everybody around you would tell you to quit. And most of the time, it would be okay to accept the P300 Million Peso Solution. And most of the time, it would be okay to quit - to live and fight another day.

But for Madame President Miriam Defensor Santiago, this is no longer about winning the Presidency.

Perhaps it is her best contribution and her best lesson, to the Filipino people as a whole.

It's about spirit.

It's about knowing which way is North, South, East and West despite the storms, tribulations, sickness, cancer, pain, sorrow, confusion, chaos, moral dilemma and that raving shouts of everyone who tell you otherwise.

Mabuhay ka Madame President.

It's too early to say this I know, but you will always be the truest President that we could never have.