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Kumusta na Pinoy Freelance Writer?

Dear fellow freelance writer,
Kumusta? (How are you?)
I hope you're in great spirits. It's quite rainy where I am now and it's always cloudy. I'm beginning to think that Google's weather app is broken because it keeps showing me this icon for the next 10 days or so.
I also hope that you're doing great in your freelance writing projects. Now, on to the blog post! review

After finishing a very lucrative freelance project, I've started looking for another gig. That's when I found via Google.

I dunno...

I can't write a proper review of it since you need to shell out $47 to get in. But everything in their video is everything a freelance writer could dream of:

Appropriate pay (I'm reticent to put "High", since I haven't tried it yet.)Flexible working hours (Duh)Guaranteed pay dates (Really now?)No fees (Mmmm)
Note that they have a "Pay Disclaimer" at the bottom which states:
"While we ma…

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