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Two words to describe Sidux.


I recently installed Sidux on my box for the reasons stated above. Debian Stable had snappiness but wasn't that advanced. Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is advanced but is not snappy.

I have been ultra busy lately, trying to aggresively lease out 2 commercial spaces. That explains my thirst for computer responsiveness. 

In mission critical scenarios, the PC must be ready to do what I need it to do before I know what it needs to do.

Sadly, I haven't found a distro that meets my speed requirements. Sidux is fast, but not yet as fast as XP on the same box. In any distro, switching tabs on firefox is a 0.71 second affair. 0.38 seconds away from my intended speed of 0.33 seconds. Whether you like it or not, I will say that I can switch between 3 tabs in 1 second on XP.

Waiting for 0.71 seconds to a second to switch between tabs on firefox/iceweasel is damningly unacceptable. 

For now, that performance would have to do. That'll do pig, that…