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Day 1107: An Opportunity to Change Your Life

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Please bear with my writingrambling as I formulate my Philosophy of Life

What's your life like?

Ever since the dawn of humanity, a huge majority of people live lives that they don't want.

In this modern age and for most people, everything is money based, it's about money - or the lack of it. What can we do? That is how we were trained ever since we walked this earth.

My pragmatic and street smart grandmother used to say that the only thing that is illegal in this country (and probably in this life) is "to not have money". Harsh but it may have a sprinkling of truth in it.

Let's take for example, travelling. Nowadays, to get from point A to point B, you either:


1. You walk, then you ride a bus, train, tricycle, jeepney, pedicab, or motorcycle
2. You pay for the bus, train, tricycle, jeepney, or motorcycle

or you have your own car:

1. You pay for your car for 5 years
2. You pay for car registration, insurance, etc
3. You pay for gas…

Day 1106: The Best Cloud Storage Solution I've Come Across - ADrive 50 GB Free Online Storage


Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Oh I forgot to mention. It runs perfectly on Linux using Java.

I tested one of my folders which has my law school archives. It has about 441 files of SCRA cases and other miscellaneous word documents. Total size of files is 112.47 MB and it will take about an hour to upload them all. Not bad, not bad at all.

Hands down, you can tear my mustache apart, this, undoubtedly, absolutely, whips the competition to oblivion.

They beat Microsoft and Google to it. (Microsoft's Skydrive has I think 25 GB, but no adequate Linux interface - Google's Gdrive is just a rumor at the moment.)

I think I should stop telling, you should try it on your own to see. Absolutely awesome.