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The Internet Mogul: Kim Dot Com

The two have nothing in common, save for the fact that they're both Internet sensations by their own right. Not to mention, they look like twins. Tim Dot Com allegedly runs ran an Internet empire built around shared material from movies, while Numa Numa or Gary is happily making a living out of his personality thanks to his Numa Numa video.

Kim Dot Com has recently been on the spotlight for being the subject of an FBI raid on his mansion for racketeering and piracy among other things. The scenario that was painted seems to be one fit for the Mexican drug barons, rather than the founder of a file sharing website.

The Secret Stuff that Internet Dreams are Made of?

Is it tech savvy, hacking panache, personality or the sheer desire to attain unfettered success that granted these two the status?

For Kim Dot Com aka Kim Schmitz, apparently according to Wikipedia, it was insider trading and piracyas evidenced on the webpage of

The New Zealand press is having a party repor…