Sunday, April 26, 2015

Manila City of Old

City of decay once famed and loved 
Now I see you rotten and mobbed 

Declared an open city 
Tendrils of war devastated freely 

Rebuilt, refurbished, but glory's lost 
Your corrupted sins will be paid at the highest cost 

New ones replaced the old 
Still, it's beauty faded and it's soul was sold 

No makeup can restore you 
Slowly, the rot has devoured you 

Manila, the seat of power 
You have gone sour 

Manila, your dire kings have been corrupted 
Slowly, your spirit's wasted 

The rats fester and scatter 
While dogs in the street pick up the bones 

When judgment comes nigh, 
I won't even let out a sigh 

But with skeletal hands you cling on up high 
There would be no restoration, history is tired of your lie 

Manila, City of Old 
No wonder your spirit has gone cold...