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Having scoured the local websites for an idea of who to vote for, I've come across multiple polls or 'mini-elections' that seem to point to Duterte as the clear winner of the polls. The methodology was imprecise and unscientific, yet it does tell a story.

People are afraid.

Fear is among the greatest motivators of humankind. Create a boogeyman, a monster, a threat so abstract and paint pictures and you jolt people into believing that the painter is correct. And if the painter knew how to paint the fear, then he must know how to undo it. But what really instills the greatest fear among people is the uncertainty, that lingering Heidegerrian dread.

That fear of nothing.

Criminality is a multifaceted mirror.

It is the outcome of a series of complex failures thrown unto the precipice of yet more of those multiple failures. It is the failure to address the most basic of human motivations. It is a failure of a group of people to discern what is going on around them. It is a failu…