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For Rent: Paranaque Commercial Space


Looking for a Job at the Age of 34: Going Back to the Labor Force from Freelance and Family Business

When the years were younger, my inner voice yearned for freedom from the 9 to 5 routine. I viewed real work as an inefficiency in time, marked by long hours of long commute, slow financial progress and a myriad of other things. That's the reason why I opted for the entrepreneurial freelance route.

Years have passed and today, with hordes of Filipinos discovering online freelance work, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve missed out on so many things by working at home. Although I value freedom, freelance work just doesn’t offer the same safety nets offered in a formal setting. Although if I factor in time spent with family, there comes a time when taking time for family should mean being able to provide for all their needs.

Working online and on a freelance basis made me miss out on these:
Health insurance, life insurance, SSS, PAG-IBIG Recognition that you could put in your CVSocial and professional connectionsRegular and predictable income With these downsides to freelance wor…

Ultimate House Makeover Contest by Real Living Philippines (

From Real Living Philippines

We all dream of having a beautiful house with lovely details, an efficient design, and a cozy vibe that we'd love to come home to everyday. If you've always wanted to change the look of your home or if you need help in giving your space a much needed redo, here's your chance! Join the 2016 Ultimate Makeover contest and get a chance to win a free home makeover from the Real Living team in partnership with BlimsHandyman, and Boysen. Join now and be guided by the complete mechanics below.

How New Zealand Can Benefit from Philippine Agricultural Education Partnerships

The relationship of New Zealand with the Philippines is a mutually beneficial one with many aspects. Foremost among these is NZ's reliance on Filipino agricultural labor, most notably in the field of dairy agriculture. Quite recently, it has been having some concerns with these particularly with regards to vetting candidate qualifications. 1
"That's our prayers - that Immigration will focus on recruiters, because they're the ones who entice people and give the wrong information." Immigration New Zealand said there were about 1700 Filipinos in the dairy industry on work visas. Federated Farmers' Otago dairy chair, Stephen Crawford, said a mass exodus would be devastating. "In the south, we rely pretty heavily on migrant workers and it's quite difficult to get skilled workers on our farms and these guys are very good," he said.
Fraud, especially with migration consultants has resulted in an influx of spuriously documented workers with questionable cred…