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There is a God Mr. President

Dear Mr. President Duterte,

There is a God. 

Looking back, when I was in college back in the early 2000's, studying Political Science and Philosophy in UP Baguio. I had the strangest notion that you should be President.Call it prophecy, call it destiny, call it the macabre fantasies of a young man sick of what's happening in this country. Sabi niyo nga po, "It is God's Will". Yes, I saw disorder in the lovely City of Pines, where my father met my mother, where I was then studying, and I pitied the victims of pick pocketing and other crimes along what used to be the homey Session Road. I loathed what Baguio City has become back then.

I yearned for order, discipline and beauty in art in how we all collectively conduct our social inhalations and exhalations. Life is art after all. What I was seeing, what I saw, was the opposite. The lack of art.

15 years thereafter, I continuously asked the same questions just like you but came up with different conclusions. But kn…