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The Truth About ______________

My frozen fingers have lost their touch. Yet the warm laptop continues to warm the lower part of my belly. There were times when my fingers danced to the tune of chaos or of jubilation. Now, they tread softly, with remorse, with prohibition and with a dreadful mindfulness.

These words are frozen in time. Lost in the sewage of cacophony. The blaring bass filled vibrations echoing in my head signals the wandering in the wilderness. I knew this time would come. The time when the words ceased flowing like the river of justice. Now, they're just a dam. Accumulating.

The truth about he, whose name must not be spoken is that he was merely a magnifying glass and a mirror. A mirror into the soul of the Filipino. He is rage personified. He is vengeance unleashed in a calculating manner. The Punisher. He will be what he will be. And the Filipinos soul will be exposed for what we all are.

No amount of dazzling coronation rendered meaningless by the stain of truth. As if somebody threw a bottl…


Before anything else, I would just like to point out that my domain, [dannybuntu dot com] for more than 7 years now, has been taken over by somebody else. From now on, I would only post here on 
October 10, 2017
I have found it hard to write lately about most things that are going on in the world and not just the Philippines. To be sure, there are many, many, many things to write about. 
As a father, my thoughts fall mainly on Samuel, my soon to be born youngest son. 
My wife and I are undergoing a nesting period of sorts. She sewed some baby mittens from old cloth, cleaned up the crib and tried our best to make our home - homier for the baby. 
I, on the other hand concentrated mainly on covering the financial aspects which is a little complicated. Foremost of these are unforeseen business expenses brought about by bad contractors among many other things I do not care to delve on at the moment. 
Dear Baby Samuel, 
I do not know if you would read this some day.…