Freelance Writer
As a freelance writer/blogger, I have written for numerous individuals, companies and publishers for the last 4 years. I used to keep a word counter here somewhere and the last I've counted was already at 2,000,000+ words written and 4,000 blog posts and articles on topics as diverse as the environment, smoking cessation, healthy living, parenting, love and relationships, food, current events and product reviews.

I've included my favorite haunts below if you'd like to see my work and passion. Each link takes you to my profile page.

Some of my achievements are just below the handy-dandy contact form.
  • Wind.org - Environment, sustainable living, green energy and technology.
  • Hiding.com - IT and personal computing security
  • BreathingHappy.com - A community of bloggers who want to quit smoking. It's a website that's of the bloggers, by the bloggers and for the bloggers. 
  • TransferMaster.com - Formerly Rollingwithoutlimits.com, a community dedicated to supporting and encouraging wheelchair riders, to see the beauty of all there is and more importantly, to roll without limits.
  • Renovate.com - A community of bloggers who share the passion for home improvement.
  • TheFlamingVegan.com - For vegans, vegetarians and the V-curious.
  • Tego.com - Tego Media, digital marketing, online marketing, facebook, content, etc.
  • Hirebloggers.com - Profile page

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