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Updated: August 31, 2015

Real Estate Disclosure

Buying a home is no trivial matter. It is a lifelong commitment as well as a very significant investment.  

The blog author, Daniel Andrei R. Garcia (me), a licensed Real Estate Broker in the Philippines believes in full disclosure. As such, I am disclosing that I have a  relationship whether as an accredited broker or in an individual capacity affiliated with their representatives (formal or informal) with the following developers:
  • Ayala Land
    • Amaia
    • Avida 
  • DMCI Homes
  • Stateland Properties
    • Washington
    • Versailles   
  • LandCo Pacific Corporation
  • SMDC
Despite that, I will pledge to you my dear reader, to be as honest and truthful as I can to the best of my abilities. The only hindrance being any legal agreement that I may have signed with any of them concerning privileged information, trade secrets or such.

My loyalty remains to you, the reader. If a developer forces me to write something untruthful, I will immediately sever my relationship with them and say bye bye.

The reason why I associated with many developers is best summed up in one word: comparison. I want to be able to choose. I want my future clients to be able to decide for themselves what path to take. I respect your hard earned money and lifetime savings.

Privacy does not collect personally identifiable information except through the following:

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  • Statcounter data for traffic analysis.

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100% of the opinions and conjectures here are mine.

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  • As such, this blog does not endorse any of the advertised services, websites or products that you may find unless expressly stated by the author.
  • Always check the background of a website before engaging in a transaction. 
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