Kubuntu Newbie Experience I - Blind Discovery

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is my first post regarding Linux, Kubuntu specifically. I have successfully installed it with no hassle - most of the stuff I have, works. The challenge is to be able to use Kubuntu as I have used my Windows XP.

Well for starters, My plan to shift to Linux started a few months ago. So, I twiddled with a few linux distros before deciding that I like KDE - it's so shiny; and that I like Ubuntu - it's so, well, it looks easy. So, [shiny] + [easy] + [newbie me] = Kubuntu!


This is just so fun. I feel like a twelve year old again with my first PC. If you happen to be interested my first PC ran on MSDOS 6.22. Back then I played games like Dune 2, Dune 2000, Prince of Persia, that airplane which drops bombs game and that soldier that dies so easily game. Ehehe, I have a poor memory so please don't knock my head and tell me "Gee that doesn't work on MS DOS 6.22".

I hope you have fun reading this and I urge you to comment.

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