Work for Google: Google Pays Through Adsense

I'm a newbie I know. But could this be IT? My first Google dollar? Unbelievable. Can this be true? I mean, wow. If this is true then someone could make a living out of this Google Adsense thing.

Living in a third world country like the Philippines would surely mean that if 30 readers click on my ads in a month and watch them long enough then I would earn 30 US dollars. Wow. Thats about 1,290 pesos - enough to buy me a cheap Made in China MP3 player. Not a living I know but its a start. Pretty soon I would be selling Google Stickers.

A credible blog, PinoyMoneyTalk made 1,000 USD in one month alone in Adsense earnings for one site. Another blogger, has been getting Adsense earnings, Er, nice name.

On the other hand, there are consistent reports of problems with Google Adsense - particularly those concerning click frauds: BusinessTimesonline.

Be very careful not to click on your own ads for tomorrow your Google Adsense account may die.

So, final verdict: Show me the Money!

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