Another Day - Another Achievement, VMWare on Debian

Another day, another achievement. However I seem to have accomplished this feat with huge doses of tsamba. Tsamba as we Filipinos would call it, is any event that is positive (such as successfully installing VMWare on my Debian box) but tainted by a drop of awkward luck.

Without further ado, how I installed Windows XP on VMWare on my Debian box.

I followed as much as I could the instructions on how to install VMWare from ubuntuforums.

Strictly speaking I just kept on hitting the ENTER key until I ran out of directions to follow.

So I fired up VMWare, it didn't look so alien at the time, but now here is how it looked like:

That didn't look so hard. I ticked the CONNECT TO HOST Radio button and clicked on the CONTINUE button.

I took a deep breath as I installed Windows XP. Crossing my finger, I kept saying,
"This is not going to work. This is not going to work."

To my consternation, it did. I can't believe it's that simple really. Like my favorite way to describe it:
Even a chicken could do these things. You just have to train it to press the ENTER key again and again and again.

What's scary is that, I went through a lot of dialogs without knowing what they were asking about. When it was time to launch the interface, it was so intuitive, so easy to understand without reading the manual that I can even describe it (Lord forgive me) "as easy as Windows".

Here is how it looks like now:

Ah, bliss wallpaper.

Microsoft Office, running flawlessly.

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