Goodies and Oldies: Linux Reality Podcast Signing Off

Linux Reality

I've recently added a useful RSS feed at the bottom right corner of my blog: Linux Reality Podcasts - Podcasts about Open Source and Linux. I really liked the podcasts, they are good for newbies like myself. No technobabble just plain Linux.

The bad news is after 2 years of podcasting, Chess decided to sign off. I would have liked to rant and complain again like I did with Automatix2. But seeing the overwhelming support and encouragement that Chess got from the community to support and encourage his decision, I felt that it would be wiser for me to shut up and do the same.

I really do hope that some guys continue podcasting about Linux because there is so much to it than just the software.

So to you guys out there who want to hear about Linux rather than read about it. Grab the episodes while you still can. I am not sure if they are going to keep the podcasts, but hey that is what free storage is for right?

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