374 People to be Executed During Olympic Games in China

An estimated 374 people will be executed in China during this summer's Olympic games in Beijing, Amnesty International has claimed.

A new league table of the world's most frequent executioners showed China officially used capital punishment 470 times last year. But some campaigners believe the true figure may be 8,000.

The human rights group called on Olympic athletes and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to press for greater openness about executions by the host country.

Nearly 70 crimes can carry the death penalty in China, including tax fraud, stealing VAT receipts, damaging electric power facilities, selling counterfeit medicine, embezzlement, accepting bribes and drugs offences.

No wonder they have become an economic powerhouse. Death for taking bribes?! I am pretty sure that such could lessen lower level corruption in our country. Imagine if a quota hungry MMDA officer flags you down for no reason and issues you a violation for no good reason and you whip out your wallet to give him 500 pesos. Then you whip out your camera then say "smile!"

There are lots of lessons to be learned from China.

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