Day 107: Commands I Know About

Its Day 107 23:41 Philippine Time. Darn it is hot tonight. Lights are out outside so far nobody is watching in the dark. Otherwise my spider senses are broken. This is a personal log of the commands that I can summon from my razor sharp encyclopedic memory.

  • The same with dir, lists folders and files. I assume it must mean list.
  • Use with | more to view large lists of things
  • The same with copy, copies files and folders from one place to another
  • The same with move, moves files and folders from one place to another
  • Another way of renaming a folder
dpkg -i
  • Cool command to install *.deb files that I download from the Internet
apt-get install
  • Cool command to install cool stuff from inside the repositories
apt-get remove
  • Command used to remove uncool stuff from the repositories
  • Apt-get's cousin. Instead of apt-get remove, use aptitude remove
  • This is apt-get's from the city. Explains more and talks more.
apt-cache search
  • Searches for cool stuff that you could find in the repositories
  • Use with care. Command use to boss around the computer if it does not do as you wish
  • Tells computer that I Am Who Am so you better do as I say.
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
  • Used to reconfigure xorg and basically graphical thingies
  • Must be run by a sudoer or by root. Reboots the system!
shutdown -h now
  • Shuts down PC properly
  • Removes files. Similar to windows del. Can also be used to remove folders. NEVER run rm -rf: Deletes entire system!
More to come when I remember them.

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