Day 98: Observations on Upgrading and New Install

After reinstalling cleanly (meaning format, install) 5 times, I am finally able to get Debian Lenny working. But now I have a Gnome Desktop, which isn't really that bad. Here are some observations I made :

Installation Notes

1. You can add and mount existing linux compatible partitions during installation. I used to do this after the installation by editing fstab. However, the mounted partition belongs to root. This was resolved in fstab by adding the following options:
iocharset=utf8,umask=0333 0 0

Upgrade Notes

*I am reluctant to name this post as a "HowTo: Upgrade Debian Etch to Lenny" since upgrading is such a pain. I am not so sure that this would work for others.

I. Generally upgrading involves the following:

1. Modifying sources.list, as root:
#[Insert text editor] /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Find and replace all instances of the word "stable" with the word "testing"
3. Find and replace all instances of the word "etch" with the word "lenny"
4. Press CTRL + ALT + F1
5. Update sources.list, as root:
#apt-get update

6. Start upgrade, as root:
#apt-get dist-upgrade

II. At first I was not successful because I did not do CTRL+ALT+ F1. I am not entirely sure what exactly this does but from an ordinary guys point of view - it did away with the GUI. Possibly, enabling xorg and other video card related stuff to restart properly.

III. Upgrading meant that I could install Firefox 3 beta 5 in Debian, but right now I won't since FF3 does not yet support Gooble Browser Sync. For the meantime, I'm using Iceweasel

IV. Upgrading changed the looks of my icons.

V. I see no humanly noticeable change in terms of performance. Actually, Gnome feels comfortable enough, though there are minor quirks that sometimes annoy me.

Plan for Today:


1. Install Nvidia driver the debian way - I would have to NOT use Automatix2 now to help me be accustomed to not using it. I have actually successfully installed Nvidia on Etch before, but this got ruined once I upgraded to Lenny.

Long Term

1. Install Glest
2. Install Tremulous
3. Maybe try Nexuiz

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