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How to Explain to Gramps What a Kernel Is

This Linux thing is a good thing. Good enough to share with our family and friends. In a country rife with piracy I would say that Linux and Open Source Software is a perfect fit. Free, as in free lunch, and free, as in freedom.

The question kept floating. How do I explain to gramps what a kernel is? I went over to Debian forums to ask the gentlemen and ladies over there and surprisingly got humored:

The kernel is the software manager of any operating system! Its tasks include: process scheduling, hardware management, communication between programs, filesystem management...

I think, by using analogies one can help non-technical people understand what a kernel is.
These are some analogies:
the principal manager
the crankshaft of the software engine
the thing that makes a computer behaves like many at the same time
the chief of all software running on the same computer: it gives orders and organizes everything to run smoothly
the coordinator of all programs
the top chef of the software &q…

A Viable Open Source Alternative to Firefox 3

Firefox 3 still too slow on your low end machine?

I know how you feel. After all this hype about the most downloaded software 'browser' in the world, I suddenly felt that I needed a fresh and alternative perspective.

Swiftweasel is the most suitable and capable candidate I've come across so far.

Swiftfox project is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox. Swiftfox has builds for both AMD and Intel processors. The release is based on Firefox
The trunk is the most cutting edge of all the builds and is where Firefox 3 is being developed.

Branch builds are built from a code base that has been tested much more than the trunk and therefore should be considered to be more stable.

Existing Firefox plugins should work with no additional configuration if you use the installer or deb file.
How To Install

You can find installation instructions for Ubuntu and Debian over at Debian Admin.

Debian Project News

Check it out here.

HowTo: Install and Run Microsoft Money 2004 on Wine 1.1/Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

[UPDATE 08/09/08] Also works on Sidux! I am now using Sidux. Make sure to export WINEPREFIX.

Yes I did it. I will try my best to replicate what I have done, but it was mostly dumb luck as most of the time I didn't know exactly what I was doing. Take that as a word of caution and my explicit waiver.

1. First off, install the latest wine version by following Ubuntu-Unleashed's instructions:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list
sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install wine
2. Then install cabextract

$ sudo aptitude install cabextract
3. Then install ies4linux. NOTE: A lot of people are saying that ies4linux is bad for wine and linux. If you have other programs on wine - STOP. Do this on a clean install of wine and figure out whether the following steps would be good for you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN BOLD LETTERS.

$ wget http://ww…

Richard Stallman's Take on Bill Gates Retirement

A reproduction of the farewell rant by Richard Stallman to Bill Gates. It was published online in BBC's website and was reproduced under a Creative Commons Noderivs license.

To pay so much attention to Bill Gates' retirement is missing the point. What really matters is not Gates, nor Microsoft, but the unethical system of restrictions that Microsoft, like many other software companies, imposes on its customers. That statement may surprise you, since most people interested in computers have strong feelings about Microsoft. Businessmen and their tame politicians admire its success in building an empire over so many computer users. Many outside the computer field credit Microsoft for advances which it only took advantage of, such as making computers cheap and fast, and convenient graphical user interfaces. Gates' philanthropy for health care for poor countries has won some people's good opinion. The LA Times reported that his foundation spends five to 10% of its money an…

$ aptitude install opera

To install the Opera web browser do the following:On the CLI:$ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.listAdd this to the end:deb testing non-freeCTRL XYENTER/RETURN$ sudo aptitude update$ sudo aptitude install opera