Absolutely Cool Online File Synchronizer for Linux

There's been talk lately of a nifty multiplatform tool that synchronizes your local files unto and from an online service for free. Think foxmarks or google browser sync for nautilus and for any file! Isn't that great?

What makes this baby really really really rock on ubuntu (and a few other distributions as well) is that dropbox actually makes a local folder "your dropbox" wherein you just pop the file in and it seamlessly synchronizes it with a distant server far far away somewhere. So, wherever you go as long as you put your file in that folder and as long as you have dropbox installed on whatever machine you have, you will still have access to the files that you put in. Really absolutely COOL!

The picture above shows the synchronized folder as a folder with a check mark. The subfolders sync too! No more external HDDs, say goodbye to DVD backups.

To top that, installation is absolutely painless.

This was the digg article on it: digg

Go yonder to synchronization heaven!

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