Baby Has a Boo Boo

It's 12:02 AM October 8, 2008 here sitting in front of my computer, fighting the urge to smoke since I already have the colds. I am writing out of sadness and despair. Despair because I have come to the conclusion that the world is crazy. If that is the case and if I apply Ubuntu's existential paradigm then we could say that "I am crazy because the whole world is crazy." Because the word "Ubuntu" means "I am who I am because of who we all are."

I am going to smoke.. It's my right to smoke outside of our house.

Or not. For a minute there I actually had my cigs from my drawer and walked outside the room with one stick. I can't find my tsinelas ergo I cannot go out. Besides I feel that my lungs have enough water because of condensation brought about by jogging and then riding a tricycle. My chest got dried up because tricycles by nature are poorly designed from an aerodynamic point of view. It was designed to have as much friction with air as possible.

Why I am still awake is a product of my affection for coffee and a messed up biological clock. I sleep at noon.

Jun is doing his best to get the Linux/FOSS hype going but everybody else is just too fatigued or simply bored.

"Wine releases version 1.1.1 from 1.1.0"

Whoopdee fscking doo.

"Ubuntu has a new theme that doesn't look like shit."

Ummm. Great.

"There is now wifi for Ubuntu"

With stuff like this on digg, slashdot or whatever - even my children's books are beginning to sound very exciting. In fact one is so exciting I actually memorized the whole damn book - not by choice. It just happened.

"Baby Has a Boo Boo"
Baby is in the backyard
Running all around.
Uh oh, oh no! Baby falls down.
Baby has a boo boo,
What does baby say?
"Boohoo Boohoo make it go away!"
Baby cries for Mama,
What does mama see?
A bump on baby's forehead,
A cut on baby's knee.
Put on a bandaid,
Put on some ice.
Mama kiss my booboo!
Make it feel nice!
Baby's feeling better.
Off he goes to play
But if he gets another booboo,
This is what he will say,


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