HowTo: Store and Synchronize Your Website Passwords via Foxmarks Extension on Firefox 3

So far so good. Rather than running another desktop app that will store my passwords in one convenient file, I discovered or innovated a way to store it well, more conveniently.

First, install Foxmarks for Firefox 3. Do not forget to sign up for a foxmarks account.

I literally have tons of bookmarks for all the web services I access and use on a daily basis. What I do is use the bookmark itself to store the password.


Then it would appear like this:

If you are concerned about other users peeking into your bookmarks, simply abbreviate the password to a code only you could understand. For example, if your password is unitednations abbreviate the bookmark clue to UN. Of course, that is just simplistic. The key is to use clues distinguishable only to you.

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