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From 01/09/09: Jason Shellen, who resigned as Google's manager of new business development in 2007 to launch, a startup that's designed to inspire bloggers and users of social media sites. Shellen says he was getting complacent working at Google, despite the company's domination of the Web.

He says he decided to leave Google despite a shaky economy because he wanted to force himself to change.

"Being an entrepreneur is all about risk and innovation, not timing the market," Shellen says. "A good idea doesn't wait for the perfect time to emerge. The ability to build something new outweighed the need for stability."



Their website is about to launch "they could almost taste it".

If I was an American living in the land where dreams do come true, I would have lived it the same way he did. Their website is pretty intriguing, they describe it as: "Plinky provides inspiration for content creators of all sizes."

Well, the trend today is content writers are inspired by one thing - money. So I take it, that's what they meant right? They are going to give money to content writers - like me - to inspire us. How awesome. :) Just Kidding. Hehehe. (But that would be ok to you know)

Anyway, I can't wait for them to inspire us. Whether they are going to do so by:

1. Pep talk

-Hey Danny, write! Hey Danny, write! D - A - N - N - Y isssssssss Danny! Go Write!

2. Pictures of Inspiring Things

-Like this one

Obviously, these aren't the ones they want to impart to us.

 Whatever it is. This guy is my kind of guy. I once did the same thing. I had a job in my country's biggest bank. Well, I wasn't really a top executive, maybe in the middle. Okay, lower than the middle. Fine, lower than lower than the middle. Anyway, I resigned and founded my own entrepreneurial endeavour that was visionary, everybody did it! Unfortunately, we were so many who had the same idea that I had to close shop...

Leaving Google to start his own outfit, is risky. I like it.

So to Mr. Jason Shellen, Congrats and I wish you the best for your endeavor. Hey, say what, I am going to put a banner of your website on my blog. I get about 50K people visiting my website everyday.  Yes sir, that's 50 Kilograms of people. Nah, I get 50 everyday, usually some Ubuntu NOOBS who want to use Debian but can't seem to install Firefox 3 on it.


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