Do You Love iGoogle?

Official Google Blog: Share the iGoogle love

I am led to believe that loving inanimate objects could lead to dementia. I suppose dementia is becoming a widespread disease since the marketing geniuses at Google, in all their omnipotence and glory decided that we should share our love for some bits of 0's and 1's. 010100010001.

So in the spirit of unfettered allegiance to the great zombie maker called Google, I would share this information about our professed affliction and devotion to this particular agglomeration of 0's and 1's called iGoogle.

Do I love iGoogle?

Uh, I think so. I use it everyday, before going to sleep, just when I wake up, I spend most of my time with it, I play with it, I put things and gadgets in and out of it, I get inspired by it, I get motivated by it, I stare at it all day, and sometimes - I even see things in it, things that I shouldn't see!

Okay, can I get my sticker now? Oh, wait. I don't have a laptop to put the sticker on. And I am not a resident of the United States.


In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we're asking all iGoogle fans to share the love by submitting a written story or video describing what's special about their homepage. Your story can mention anything you want about your page — from something practical to something heartwarming. If you aren't a video whiz, don't worry. You can just tell it like it is. But we do encourage you to spice up your submission however you'd like — the best ones will be showcased for all to see.

For each entry received, we will 'share the love' back by sending you a free set of iGoogle artist theme laptop stickers.* You can choose from six popular themes, by Radiohead, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Ecko, kate spade and Paul Frank.

Visit to find out how to submit your story and receive your stickers. We're looking forward to reading (and watching) your love stories. To help you get inspired, we've put together this short video that shows some of our favorite ways to use iGoogle.

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