Linux-Games: StarVoyager

StarVoyager is a 2D space game inspired by the hit TV Trek Series, Star Trek Voyager. It's an explore, kill, upgrade space game where you play the role of a Star Trek, Klingon, Dominion (Jem Hadar),  Navigator / Commander / Communications Officer / Engineering and Captain. You get to explore new planets and annihilate enemies. You could install Klingon cloaking devices and Transporters to beam up Phasors, Micro Torpedos, Quasor Torpedoes, etc.

The most dominant enemies of course would be the Borg cubes (invulnerable bastards they are). It's kind of old and no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get hold of Mr. Richard Thrippleton who is the one who created this venerable masterpiece.

Call me old fashioned but the old games rock!




To Install on Ubuntu

1. Open up your Terminal Application (eg., Konsole, Xterm, Gnome-Terminal)

2. Type this:

dan@ubuntu$ sudo apt-get install starvoyager

3. Run

dan@ubuntu$ starvoyager -f

-f    fullscreen
-h   large window

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