Day 980: I Barely Survived the Upgrade to Jaunty [SOLVED!!!]

I upgraded to Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope today and managed to reach up to this portion. I an able to connect and browse the Internet.

I cannot however, activate my nvidia proprietary card's drivers.

Tip for anyone who is considering upgrading to JJ 9.04:


1. Save this webpage:
2. Backup your settings


1. I am now officially screwed. See:



Last Minute Update 11:08 PM

I was able to install nvidia 173 restricted drivers.

1. Grub was still loading Intrepid Kernel!
2. hbekel in #ubuntu pointed out that I should try running uname -r or uname -a
- The result was Linux ubuntu 8.10 2.27-11-generic
- It should have been Linux ubuntu 9.04 2.27-11-generic!
- A further clue I got was from envyng - it said: Unable to load kernel module
3. I edited Grub using kgrubeditor and copied out the information and pointed to:
- the right kernel module
- the right initrd file!
4. I rebooted and chose my own Grub entry! It works!!!!!

Rock and Roll!

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