Day 982: My Wishlist for Open Source/GNU/Linux/Ubuntu

Here's my wish list for Open Source/GNU/Linux/Ubuntu

1. Stop common marketing tactics used by my favorite distribution
- Sex sells, but please don't pollute Open Source with wallpapers of semi nude faceless women.
- Improper use of the word "FREE". Yes we all know that its FREE and FREE. But the truth is it still needs a lot of work.
- Focus on the truth. Stop saying something that IT can do this and do that, with a tiny little disclaimer here and there. LET IT SPEAK FOR ITSELF!

2. Stop the obsession to make GNU/Linux topple Microsoft's market share
- We don't need to increase market share because IT will survive without a majority market share
- Remember, that open source is not just a new fangled way to distribute or market software. More importantly a way of doing things. Let us not lose sight of the Philosophy behind all of these.

3. Stop bloggers/marketing spinsters from flooding the net with articles about how great GNU/Linux is
- Everytime a major release is released, digg, slashdot, or whatever is flooded with oh so nice articles about how great each release is. The unfortunate fact is, there is a lot to work on.
- Come out with the truth. Come on - 17 seconds boot time? There are still many of us here running legacy hardware.

In "Tech Support"

1. We all know that tech support consists mainly of: a. paid gurus, b. unpaid gurus doing volunteer work, c. forums, d. irc. Sometimes we really do have serious and important problems that need to be addressed seriously rather than be bounced from 1 irc channel to another. The truth of the matter is the reason why some of us are lazy is because we really do not know what is causing what. Not all of us are Einsteins. We feel sad when we have to go to an irc channel and be told to go to irc channel 2 - only to be told to go back to the other irc channel. Come on. I've worked once in a call center and this is what we were trained to do rather than really give the time to listen and answer queries.

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