Day 983: "Commoditization" and the Power Point... este Open What What Argument for the Suxification of Linux

I intend to be vague. Prejudice it with the fact that I drank too much coffee tonight and that the neighbors dog is still barking at 2:17 AM.

Permit me to butcher the English language by pretending to invent a word.


Ok, ok, so it exists...

Today, I also read an interesting Open Office Presentation that argued for the increased commoditization of Open Sauce, Linux, and Free Software. It garnered interest because of its catchy title: Why Linux Sucks. (Beware, I linked to an ooo file made by Bryan Lunduke.)

For the most part I agree that Open Source's mode of doing things is "different" compared to Closed Source (duh). Whether it's less effective or efficient is a matter of opinion. For that case I must digress with Bryan and many others for their argument that 'the model' should move towards the way of implicit conformity to the proprietary model. He argued for the case of standardization of software packaging, focused development for core components rather than diversification, and increased funding as primary motivation for development.

These my friends are all well and good.

But, he has forgotten something. All of it has already been done.

It's called Microsoft Windows.

End of my argument.

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