Day 993.b: Using Windows XP

I am going to rant - mildly. My Ubuntu network woes have been taking its toll on my network. True I have managed to setup Samba to share files across platforms and computers within my network. True I have managed to ping the other computers. I have done all that. But one thing remains as elusive as Yamashita's Treasure - sharing the Internet Connection.

So right now, I am complaining because I have to use Windows XP as long as the people here need to use the Internet. I have to run a plethora of security software that takes up so much of computing resources: Avast, Zonealarm, Spybot Search and Destroy and Registry Mechanic. While all of these are all well and good and happy, I simply just HATE THEM FOR BEING PROPRIETARY.

So, now I cringe in utter disdain of my PC, typing from Google Chrome which by the way is not yet available for Linux - did somebody mention it was open source?

Now, I have Conficker or Conflicker, or whatever the heck worm sitting right beside me, or rather appears directly in front of me with a hazardous radioactive material sign with sirens blaring.

Yes, I am pissed off.

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