Day 1037.B: [UPDATE] I Got An Email Today

Sorry for the delay in publishing PART II of my sad tale in tech investment. I got an email today, from someone whose name I won't disclose until he would come out in the open or until I find out that he is a real person in the first place.

Mahirap makuryente so to speak.

Whether he is a real person or not, I am sure that there are others like me who "invested" 125,000 pesos in this sad joke of a company and are now fuming mad because their reported earnings are:

0.00 Philippine Pesos.

Here is the email, whether if its a real investor or what, I guess I would see in the following days. And so begins this war.

Drama ko no?

Well, all I want is closure and justice.

I'll keep you posted for Part II.

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