Day 1046 : SOLD!!!!!

According to Yugatech, has been sold to a foreign company for an undisclosed amount.

I feel excited about the prospect but sad because they sold out to a foreign company.
I feel weirded out.
I feel envious of admin but glad of a Fellow Pinoy's success.
Wow. Just wow.
This comes as a shockingly big surprise.
Almost coming to heels with the sale of Piratebay.

Sorry for the terrible post. I am just overwhelmed.

Well, that's reality for you.

Here's some feedback from the members:


Pano kaya ang transition just incase. FREE Ads pa rin kaya ang just in case.



please post the link where you said you read the article.


wag ka magpapaniwala diyan,syempre tayong mga members ang unang unang makakaalam niyan if ever totoo man na nabenta na ang sulit..



kala ko nabenta na nga buti na lang hindi totoo


naku wag naman sana kasi sulit dito sa sulit, more and more inquiries ang business ko dahil dito if thats true well sana same pa din ang system free ads and yung reach ng market ganun pa din ang access ..ang daming free ads posting sa internet sulit lang yung ok ang navigation user friendly...


Whaat??? after all of these they will just sell the site? paano na ang mga members nagtiwala sa site?

And many more here:

I am guessing they would turn it into an international site and probably replace with

Quoting Peter Sunde of the Piratebay about the sale of Piratebay:

we believe that the buyers would take it to the next level.

Congrats to the first Pinoy web mega millionaires - you just made history.

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