UPDATE: Day 1065: What's Up Google?

Official Google Blog: An update from the Project 10^100 team

Go to: http://project10tothe100now.org/

Finally an Update:
Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience at Google, has announced that Google will be making some announcements regarding Project 10100 this fall. In an interview with Digg yesterday, Mayer said "We'll be making some announcements coming up this fall to close the process, get the public vote going, and ultimately decide on the winning idea or ideas." 


Well of course, you're talking about 10,000,000 USD here. What were they expecting?

One problem I can see is that if they have to verify each and every idea it would literally take them a bazillion years to test. Most of these ideas are after all - inventions. I would assume that in order for their tests to possess a certain form of validity - they would have to use the Scientific Method - which is easier said than done since there are more than 150,000 ideas that were submitted.

Magnet motor anyone?

I still say to Google and to all the other submitters,

"Open Source it"

Release your great idea to the world for some venture capitalists to snap up.

Miguel and his team has followed up on my idea and actually created these:


As of the moment their websites are simply an advocacy - telling Google that the web is watching.

But as I suggested to him, the way to go really would be to harness those 150,000 ideas and float them out in the open.

The point really is to spread out the innovative ideas out there for a better world.

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