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Free Wireless Internet from Google

I don't know if they are joking. They must be.

Check em out.

Why should I switch to Google TiSP?
It's fast. In our testing, TiSP delivers a 10x higher flow rate than basic DSL.
It's FREE. No more paying hundreds of dollars a year for Internet service that doesn't even necessarily extend to your bathroom!
It's good for you. Your FREE TiSP service includes a Google Toolbar-based analysis of your dietary habits and genetic predispositions, along with recommendations for healthier living.
How can Google offer this service for free?
We believe that all users deserve free, fast and sanitary online access. To offset the cost of providing the TiSP service, we use information gathered by discreet DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status and likelihood of developing particular medical conditions going forward. Google also offers pr…

Forgot the Day...

Hi folks, I am surprised you guys are still reading me. Anyway, I'm happily living my life as a pseudo farmer. Don't believe me? Well, I planted ginger, bananas and actually grew and sold chickens.

Heh beat that!

A blogger farmer.

Anyway, I am trying to find a way to go online constantly. I need the extra bucks to pay for wireless broadband which is the only internet connection available where I live. There's no cable here. No telephone landline. Just good old HSDPA. Heh!

Don't read the thing below it's gibberish.

The enough misery stamps before a star bankrupt.