The Real Farm Ville =

The Story Behind the Game

You are the son of a successful lawyer who spent his success to build a non operating, but real farm ville.

Unfortunately, he died at the age of 49, 3 years ago, leaving you with lots of land but no cash.

You don't have a clue how to manage a real farm ville, but find that you don't have a choice.

At the age of 28, you assign yourself as the resort manager and embark on a journey which goes wherever you bring it.

You don't have money, all you have are a few cottages, a pool and the determination to turn the "estate" into something better. And oh, 15,000 square meters of land. Not much compared to the big business barons, but that'll do.

In the game, you'll be faced with bayawaks, harsh tropical storms, ginormous falling trees, itchy insects, people stealing coconuts, neighboring gambling lords, small time political wannabes, and people who enter your real farmville at night - and practically do anything that they like.

You have your family with you, one helper, two dogs and a jungle bolo with the ultimate plan of developing the farm into a resort and opening it up to the public.

The challenge is to not borrow money from the bank and make do with whatever resources that you have.

You have mango trees, banana trees, mahogany trees, rambutan, durian, guava, papaya and lots of flowering plants. Too bad that you didn't listen to your high school biology teacher, now you have to get to know these flora and fauna simply by asking.


In the game, you get to vote on what the resort manager would do next.
To make things more exciting, the resort manager is thinking of including video.

The Rationale for Creating the Real Farm Ville =

This project, stemmed from my fun desperation. There's no point in moping and complaining when I could just turn this situation around by turning it into a game.

Yes, it's the real deal and not just an ordinary game which I happily named resort-ville.

There could be two endings to this ongoing story.

1. The game ends when the resort is sold.
2. The game continues on - and the resort does not get sold. You get to provide jobs to people and run a successful resort business. One day, you decide to go to the real place, and the Resort Manager will greet you personally and give you the best experience you'll ever have.


I use facebook on a regular basis and don't really get to avoid getting invited to become someone's neighbor in farmville.

I played it and I think it's a good game - for wasting your time. The fact that some people even actually spend real money on a virtual farm astounds me. Why pay for something that's not real - when you can have the real thing?

So that's where the idea of resort-ville came from. The Real Farm Ville.

The mechanics of the game is simple, you don't even have to spend. All you have to do, is vote on what I - "The Resort Manager" will do and I'll do it and even post a video while I am doing it.


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