The Google Art Project

Google has been becoming artsy as of late and has recently launched a new project meant for the appreciation of art. Called the Google Art Project, the website is an avant-garde embodiment of the human soul - in digital format. The website is practically Google Street View - only inside different museums.

A navigation panel enables you to traverse what used to be no camera zones and let you look at art up close and in high definition.

From the Google Art Project: The Prodigal Son Returns
The most innovative aspect to the new project is that it lets you "go inside" museums in a way that is very familiar with the navigation controls of Google Street View. It lets you move forward as if actually traversing the floors of the Van Gogh Museum. Of course, the museum experience wouldn't be complete if you cannot look closer or zoom in on a Rembrandt or on a Van Gogh.

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Score another one for Google's dedication to organizing the world's art.

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