What if everything that you've read and seen on the Internet was false?

Wouldn't that turn your world upside down?

How many times have you mentioned to a "disconnected" person that 

"______ is true because I've seen it on the Internet."

It's true because _________ said it. It's true because _________ is a part of this large media corporation or is an independent writer or an authoritative voice or  _____________.

That's why it must be true

Never before have we been engulfed with information faux or real, in such a scale that we bite at the information that we'd like to believe.

Anybody believes what they want to believe, regardless of cognitive affiliation, background or susceptibility. That is the problem with perception. It is only skin deep.

Take note however, that the skin is the part of the body that is the most sensitive and prone to intense pain. So skin deep in false information can still bite.

I'm not just talking about celebrity endorsements and advertisements, I'm talking about massive perceptive manipulation.

Ask yourself: what do they need to make you believe?

Do you base your belief according to your high school friend on facebook?

Do you believe what your spouse says?

How about your Pastor?

How about that notable media broadcaster? The one with the polished look and baritone voice?

Do you believe in a product because of the number of Facebook likes that it has?

Do you believe in something because of who believes in it?

Do you believe in numbers, statistics, metrics, and detailed analysis of renowned experts in the field?

What if they're all wrong and you base your decisions in life because of wrong information?

Think about this:

Would you believe in the success of a company because of the numbers that another company portrayed about the first company?

Would you believe in the success of a company if it has a movie about it?

Meta Thinking

How much do you need to make a movie?

How much do you need to hire a credible writer to write about something?

How much do you need to make another company write about you in a favorable manner?

How much do you need to get 1000 comments on a blog on a daily basis?

How much do you need to get 10,000,000 facebook likes?

How much do you need to hire a polling company and make them see reality as you saw it?

The answer is "well within means"


How much is a person's belief worth?


People center their lives around a belief. Most of the time, they aren't even aware of the existence or the existential aspects of that belief. It's just there. It guides them. It makes them move. It makes them speak, chat, write, converse, post, tweet or whatever.

Do you see your beliefs now?

What are you doing right now, aside from reading this?

Are you agreeing or disagreeing?

Are you thinking about your beliefs and how they have shaped your actions?

Do you even care?

The question is, what will you do next?

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