Bamboos Philippines

Bamboos are a tropical favorite when it comes to fencing here in the Philippines. However, untreated, they succumb to the vagaries of the soil which include the onslaught of insects such as termites.

One of the foremost problems here in the province of Batangas, at least here in the extreme fringes, is that most people do not have any conception of privacy.

The really rich can afford to avoid that by living inside walled subdivisions and compounds.

However, if you happen to be placed in the middle of a moderately populated zone with a high level of unemployment, you can expect a lot of intrusion on your grounds.

This could include anywhere from children to grown men.

Their methodology would include coming up with many excuses including, gathering grass to feed their horses, their sandals fell inside the compound while climbing a nearby tree which are of course deliberately thrown inside, their kite went inside or something similar.

There is no such thing as illegal trespassing. Not unless you want to hire armed security guards and pay off the Barangay officials to scare of would be trespassers.

Anyway, before I drone on, here's what I really wanted to talk about: Bamboos.

I was thinking of using bamboos as fences but changed my mind. This is what happens to bamboos when subjected to extreme hot and moist weather:

Large bamboos are also susceptible to the same problems: termites and bukbok (Sorry, I don't know the translation for bukbok.)

The solutions I had in mind are:

1. To plant Mexican vines that could climb the frame and fill it.

2. To plant live bamboo trees along the periphery of the wall.

3. To plant bougainvilleas alternately with the bamboos.

Now the space that I have to work is only 1 meter from the private road so I am still contemplating on whether this is a good idea at all.

Sourcing the Bamboos

1. I could source the bamboo's from inside our garden.

2. I could buy from Carolina Bamboo Garden which is the most prominent bamboo nursery in the Philippines.

As added reference, I am including links pertinent to the cultivation, propagation and other bamboo matters.

For Bamboo Propagation - Click Here
For Bamboo Pictures - Click Here

Going back, here are some pictures of our fences which have been ravaged by both nature and humans:

Nature and Humanity

Yes, the neighbors used our fence to support their roofing.

The frames are shown prominently here.

Children climb this spot to get in.

They used it to put their antennas on.