I woke up at 3:42 AM to find out that we can now put a +1 widget on our websites. Normally, I treat such things with a bit of cautious curiosity. I guess others are more keen on having a -1 button, which could be useful but very controversial.

I put the code, just before the /body tag and then tried embedding the latter portion as a widget. Still no go, I guess I'd need more shut eye for this thing to work.

Another concern that I have over the +1 button is the "Google Buzz button stigma" which seemed to attach itself even to more prominent websites. Ubiquitously hanging over there, beyond the sidebar, was the Google buzz button, with the number 0 written on it.

Oh well, maybe if I wake up, it will appear.

Easiest way you can make the Google +1 Appear

It's cut and dried clean, but comes with less customization options:

Design >> Page Elements >> Click 'Edit' in Blog Posts >>
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